Selected paintings are featured on this page: for further information including most recent large works' pricing and large scale commissions, please contact Lamberty Gallery, London.


'Alpheus' Chase' (companion to 'Losing Arethusa') - 1.8 metre x 1.3 metre. Contact Lamberty Gallery for further information. 

'Alpheus Chase' (detail)'Alpheus Chase' (detail) 'Alpheus Chase' 180cm x 130cm'Alpheus Chase' 180cm x 130cm

(below: 'The Last One' - original painting on wood panel. 20cm x 20cm. SOLD)

(below: Still Looking - 1.35 metres x .95 metres)

below: 'The Lighthouse' - 90cm x 90cm - SOLD


Below: "The Train" - 20cm x 20cm wood panel - SOLD

Below: "Red" - 25cm x 25cm - SOLD


Below: "Midnight at the Cliffs" - 25cm x 25cm - SOLD

Below: "Don't Give Me Roses" - 25cm x 25cm (detailed view) - SOLD 

Below: "The Escape Artist" (10cm x 10cm minature on wood panel - tulip wood handmade frame) - SOLD


(below: Detail from "Losing Arethusa". Contact Lamberty Gallery for details.)

(below: "The Passage" - 30cm x 40cm, white wood handmade frame)


(below: "Ceathanna", 30cm x 30cm)

(below: "Arethusa", 180cm x 130cm; unframed - contact Lamberty Gallery for information)

(below detail from 'Losing Arethusa')

(below: "Don't Say It" 50cm x 70cm (framed))

below: "Leaving Home", 50cm x 70cm (includes frame) - SOLD


(above: "The Swan", 50cm x 50cm x 5cm)

below: "Fast, Away" - 50cm x 50cm - SOLD

'Fast, Away''Fast, Away' 'Fast, Away' 50cm x 50cm'Fast, Away' 50cm x 50cm


(below: Winter Seventeen 40cm x 54cm x 4cm)

December SeventeenDecember Seventeen

below: House of the Birds, 85cm x 85cm 


House of BirdsHouse of Birds

(below: ‘Door’ -- SOLD)





  (detail fromThe Door - SOLD)(detail fromThe Door - SOLD)


2015-2016 series

Below: "Untitled" - SOLD to private collector. Large format (1 metre x 1 metre x 4 cm) mixed media (acrylic paint, glaze, photograph, canvas, varnish). Untitled. Previously on loan at the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Castello di Grinzane Cavour, in Northern Italy. 

SOLD - Untitled 100cm x 100cmSOLD - Untitled 100cm x 100cm

installed original piece, 100cm x 100cminstalled original piece, 100cm x 100cm (detail from mixed media painting)(detail from mixed media painting)



 below: 'Strata'. SOLD to private collector. 100cm x 100cm x 4cm. Mixed media original (acrylic, glaze, on stretched canvas).  

'Strata''100cm x 100cm x 3cm original painting, mixed media, acrylic, glaze on strettched canvas. 900 Euro








'The Fall'  90cm x 146cm x 2cm. Mixed media. SOLD to private collector.

The Fall - SOLDThe Fall - SOLDMirror Pools



'Garden' 70xm x 103cm x 2cm. Mixed media.  SOLD to private collector.

Garden - SOLDGarden - SOLDMixed media on canvas. 70cm x 120cm x 5cm. SOLD.




'Wallflowers’.  70cm x 70cm x 2cm. SOLD to private collector.

Wallflowers - SOLDWallflowers - SOLD