Selected paintings are featured on this page: for further information including most recent works' pricing and commissions, please  contact Kate.



"The Swan" 50cm x 50cm"The Swan" 50cm x 50cm (above: "The Swan", 50cm x 50cm x 5cm, 800 Euro)

'Fast, Away''Fast, Away' 'Fast, Away' 50cm x 50cm'Fast, Away' 50cm x 50cm

(above: "Fast, Away", 50cm x 50cm x 3cm. 800 Euro. SOLD)

(below: Winter Seventeen 40cm x 54cm x 4cm. 900 Euro)

December SeventeenDecember Seventeen

(above/below: 'Home of the Birds' 95cm x 95cm x 5cm. 1200 Euro)

House of BirdsHouse of Birds

(below: 'Through the Door: Reflected'. 1400 Euro)



left: 'Untitled' (Butterfly) - SOLD;

middle: 'Dreamstorm' - 2200 Euro (On Reserve. Contact for Details);

right: 'Sfilata' - 1200 Euro (On Reserve. Contact for details).  

(current large orignals)(current large orignals)

Fireflight Aurora, including detail closeupsFireflight Aurora, including detail closeups

  (detail from Through the Door)(detail from Through the Door)


Below: "Untitled" - SOLD to private collector. Large format (1 metre x 1 metre x 4 cm) mixed media (acrylic paint, glaze, photograph, canvas, varnish). Untitled. Previously on loan at the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Castello di Grinzane Cavour, in Northern Italy. 1600 euro; framed 1800 euro.

SOLD - Untitled 100cm x 100cmSOLD - Untitled 100cm x 100cm

installed original piece, 100cm x 100cminstalled original piece, 100cm x 100cm (detail from mixed media painting)(detail from mixed media painting)




Below "Filata'. 90cm x 90cm x 4cm. Mixed media original on stretched canvas. Unframed. €1200. Currently on loan to the Castello di Grinzane Cavour, Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 


  (finishing Filata, detail)(finishing Filata, detail)


Below: "Dreamstorm' . 95cm x 142cm x 5cm. Mixed media original acrylic on stretched canvas. Unframed. ON RESERVE (contact for further information) €2200 

Dreamstorm - On ReserveDreamstorm - On Reserve

Dreamstorm 135cm x 90cmDreamstorm 135cm x 90cm95cm x 142 cm mixed media (acrylic on canvas). 2200 euro.

 below: 'Strata'. SOLD to private collector. 100cm x 100cm x 4cm. Mixed media original (acrylic, glaze, on stretched canas).  €1200

'Strata''100cm x 100cm x 3cm original painting, mixed media, acrylic, glaze on strettched canvas. 900 Euro


'Fireflight Aurora'. 70cm x 70cm x 2cm. Mixed media. €900

Fireflight Aurora. 70cm x 70cmFireflight Aurora. 70cm x 70cm



'The Road: Fractured'. 70cm x 70cm x 2cm. Mixed media. €900

The Road: FracturedThe Road: Fractured(hanging at Il Baluardo)





'The Fall'  90cm x 146cm x 2cm. Mixed media. 1600. SOLD to private collector.

The Fall - SOLDThe Fall - SOLDMirror Pools



'Garden70xm x 103cm x 2cm. Mixed media.  1100. SOLD to private collector.

Garden - SOLDGarden - SOLDMixed media on canvas. 70cm x 120cm x 5cm. SOLD.




'Wallflowers’.  70cm x 70cm x 2cm.  700  SOLD to private collector.

Wallflowers - SOLDWallflowers - SOLD

(with 'Wallflowers' at opening night @ Al Saraceno, Varigotti)







‘Wild Paintbrushes’  60cm x 87cm x 3cm. Mixed media.  600  SOLD

'Wild Paintbrushes' @ Al Saraceno, Varigotti, Italy'Wild Paintbrushes' @ Al Saraceno, Varigotti, Italy(this piece has been sold) (detail: Wild Paintbrushes)

Wild Paintbrushes - SOLDWild Paintbrushes - SOLD