Kate Trafeli is an American-British painter and curator currently based in London, UK. She makes her works in a north London studio held by arts charity Collage Arts. You can view a video of Kate in studio here and read a brief interview about her here.

Colour synesthesia, symbols/shapes and visible brushstrokes evoke mood and narrative in Kate's works. The fragments visible in her paintings originate out of many avenues: literature and music, architecture, light’s effect on the picture plane. Her practice is grounded in moments and histories from her own and others’ lives, expressed through abstraction and mark making. Kate's paintings seem familiar and yet otherworldly, with the representational components providing touchstones for the viewer while evading definite answers. The resulting ‘story-pictures’ create an immersive environment, a resonance between the viewer and the work. 

For updates on current shows please check the "News" page on this site, or Kate's Instagram page. To discuss commissions or meeting at Kate's North London studio (by appointment), please contact Kate. Regarding Kate's curation work, please review the @katmapped information here.

Kate is currently represented by After Nyne Contemporary in London; in Japan she is working with Biome KOBE. Due to the online worldwide pandemic's effect on travel, Kate is making some work available out of her studio. She also creates smaller works from time to time during lockdown periods in London as part of the #ArtistSupportPledge initiative. Kate is on the lookout for galleries across the UK/Europe/US to showcase and represent her work, so do get in touch to discuss if you are a reputable gallery and believe Kate's work would be a good fit for your portfolio. 

Kate shows her work in solo and group shows with well regarded galleries and agents, as well as at The London Art Fair, AAF and SaatchiArt 'The Other Art Fair' in London, Los Angeles and New York. Kate welcomes and has created numerous large scale commissions, please contact her directly regarding these projects. She also participates in collaborative efforts with other artists, including curating and creating exhibitions.

Thank you for your interest in Kate's work.