I have been exploring taking my work in some new directions particularly due to the multiple lockdowns in London, which cancelled all my IRL shows for 15+ months. As the lockdowns continued, I began to work with the idea of adapting and modifying my works so that they move and are more dynamic, in various digital formats, most of which involve hand drawing and which I could share in new ways across different formats even from afar without shows. This pages showcases a few of the animations I have made so far, with an eye to making them more accessible as I learn how to navigate the digital art world.

As part of this project I created my first NFT on OpenSea, and that animation can be viewed here.

To contact me about these and other animated works, please send me an email at my dedicated account for them at [email protected]

Returning Home animation (based on original KAT wood block sculpture) Harlequin Alive (based on original KAT wood art) Pathways In and Out (based on KAT wood block)