Special Commissions

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In recent weeks, Kate completed a number of commissions, of both original canvas paintings and limited edition prints; listed here are some recent highlights. Please contact Kate's studio if you are interested in discussing such works. 

Shown first:  "12 Hours" -- detail shots while still in the studio, and then some installed (taken by the clients on their telephone) of a special commission for clients in Northern Italy. 38cm high x 248cm length, a 'frieze' style work to run the entire length of a wall in a large reception area; mixed media, original. This client also special ordered a large limited-edition print of 'The Reading Tree' also shown below. 

detail: '12 Hours'; mixed media commission. Solddetail: '12 Hours'; mixed media commission. Sold

'12 Hours' in situ (client photograph)'12 Hours' in situ (client photograph) 'The Reading Tree' - special print (client photograph)'The Reading Tree' - special print (client photograph)

"Cascade" (below); 80cm x 80cm mixed media on canvas original; in situ in a beautifully restored historic apartment in Paris.

'Cascade' in situ: Sold'Cascade' in situ: Soldin a beautifully restored apartment in central Paris, 'Cascade' in situ. 80cm x 80cm mixed media on canvas. Special Commission.


"Bonny Easter" (below); limited edition commissioned print. 20cm x 20cm printed on Italian artisan paper for a special occasion. Sold out.

limited edition special commission print. Sold out.limited edition special commission print. Sold out.20cm x 20cm printed on artisan Italian paper, individually signed; limited edition print of 21 pieces. Title "Bonny Easter". Sold out.

'To see far is one thing. Going there is another." - Constantin Brancusi



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