Kate's newest collection of original works debut exclusively in New York this March. These works will be available at the AAF New York fair from 23rd through 27th March 2022 with After Nyne Contemporary. For pre-sales, price list and other enquiries outside the fair: please contact the gallery. 

Above Left: Mascherata 22.8cm x 30cm - cradled wood board. Above Right: Festa Intervale 17cm x 25cm - solid hardwood-SOLD. Above "The Venice Series": Left: La Gondoliera; Above Centre: Bissa Ponte; Above Right: Orso Rosa. 40cm x 40cm Above Left: Fiaba, Above Centre: Distante Verde; Above Right: Affranta. 60cm x 60cm

Above Left: La Traduttrice (20cm x 25cm); Above Centre: Segno Rosso (20cm x 25cm); Above Right: Mappa Gialla (22.8cm x 30.5cm)

(Above Left: Luce Abbandonata 20cm round, paint with resin on solid pine round; Above Right: Sondaggio 20cm sq on solid pine panel)