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Selected paintings are featured on this page: for further information including most recent large works' pricing and large scale commissions, please contact Lamberty Gallery, London.

Smaller works are available through Skylark Gallery, London and from the studio



"Losing Arethusa" - with Lamberty Gallery, contact for details"Losing Arethusa" - with Lamberty Gallery, contact for details

below: Door - Reflected. 54cm x 92cm. SOLD

Door 95cm x 63cm - SOLDDoor 95cm x 63cm - SOLD

below: "Leaving Home" 60cm x 90cm. SOLD

'Alpheus' Chase' (companion to 'Losing Arethusa') - 1.8 metre x 1.3 metre. Contact Lamberty Gallery for further information. 

'Alpheus Chase' (detail)'Alpheus Chase' (detail) 'Alpheus Chase' 180cm x 130cm'Alpheus Chase' 180cm x 130cm

(below: 'The Last One' - original painting on wood panel. 20cm x 20cm. SOLD)

(below: Still Looking - 1.35 metres x .95 metres)

below: 'The Lighthouse' - 90cm x 90cm - SOLD


Below: "The Train" - 20cm x 20cm wood panel - SOLD

Below: "Red" - 25cm x 25cm - SOLD


Below: "Midnight at the Cliffs" - 25cm x 25cm - SOLD

Below: "Don't Give Me Roses" - 25cm x 25cm (detailed view) - SOLD 

Below: "The Escape Artist" (10cm x 10cm minature on wood panel - tulip wood handmade frame) - SOLD


(below: Detail from "Losing Arethusa". Contact Lamberty Gallery for details.)

(below: "The Passage" - 30cm x 40cm, white wood handmade frame)


(below: "Ceathanna", 30cm x 30cm)

(below: "Arethusa", 180cm x 130cm; unframed - contact Lamberty Gallery for information)

(below detail from 'Losing Arethusa')

(below: "Don't Say It" 50cm x 70cm (framed))

below: "Leaving Home", 50cm x 70cm (includes frame) - SOLD


(above: "The Swan", 50cm x 50cm x 5cm)

below: "Fast, Away" - 50cm x 50cm - SOLD

'Fast, Away''Fast, Away' 'Fast, Away' 50cm x 50cm'Fast, Away' 50cm x 50cm


(below: Winter Seventeen 40cm x 54cm x 4cm)

December SeventeenDecember Seventeen

below: House of the Birds, 85cm x 85cm 


House of BirdsHouse of Birds

(below: ‘Door’ -- SOLD)





  (detail fromThe Door - SOLD)(detail fromThe Door - SOLD)


2015-2016 series

Below: "Untitled" - SOLD to private collector. Large format (1 metre x 1 metre x 4 cm) mixed media (acrylic paint, glaze, photograph, canvas, varnish). Untitled. Previously on loan at the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Castello di Grinzane Cavour, in Northern Italy. 

SOLD - Untitled 100cm x 100cmSOLD - Untitled 100cm x 100cm

installed original piece, 100cm x 100cminstalled original piece, 100cm x 100cm (detail from mixed media painting)(detail from mixed media painting)



 below: 'Strata'. SOLD to private collector. 100cm x 100cm x 4cm. Mixed media original (acrylic, glaze, on stretched canvas).  

'Strata''100cm x 100cm x 3cm original painting, mixed media, acrylic, glaze on strettched canvas. 900 Euro








'The Fall'  90cm x 146cm x 2cm. Mixed media. SOLD to private collector.

The Fall - SOLDThe Fall - SOLDMirror Pools



'Garden' 70xm x 103cm x 2cm. Mixed media.  SOLD to private collector.

Garden - SOLDGarden - SOLDMixed media on canvas. 70cm x 120cm x 5cm. SOLD.




'Wallflowers’.  70cm x 70cm x 2cm. SOLD to private collector.

Wallflowers - SOLDWallflowers - SOLD