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A limited number of my photographic works, as well as some prints of my abstract paintings, are available as high quality prints for sale in Europe (if you are a United States or Canadian client, please click through to US/Canada page or contact me directly).

A few of my works are also available from Saatchi Art Online, a wonderful online gallery featuring many artists' gorgeous works.

Upon purchase, the print will be printed by my European third party partner One Vision (located in the United Kingdom).

If you are interested in my original paintings, commissioning a work or in other works of mine you may have seen elsewhere (e.g. on Instagram or via Facebook) not displayed in this gallery, please do get in touch via the contact link on this site -- I am always happy to hear from people looking for new art. And: thank you for your interest in Allodola.
The Road and the FieldWallflowersBranchesLilacs OnceFalling ThroughThe Scent of Leavesfloatingawaythroughtracklesswalk awaylookouthallowdreamerthe valley