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Tap each photo to see the full work. Please contact Kate if you are interested in one of the larger paintings shown in this gallery. A second gallery contains smaller artworks, and the specially created #artistsupportpledge works made during lockdown periods can be found here.
With larger works, Kate often arranges a private viewing in her London studio. Kate does take on commissioned work from time to time as well, so if a larger work you loved is no longer available please do get in touch about the possibilities. A general FAQ page with more information may be reviewed here.
'Dear Future Self' (1.25 metre sq)Ascoltatore. 1.1m x 1.1m.Mintaka. 1.1m x 1.1m. Sold.'Metafora' (1.25 metre square). Sold.Just a Wish Time Won't Take Away, 51cm x 71cm. Sold.The Country of In Between (1.8metre x 1.3metre)'The Sound Of --.' Canvas, 1.4 metre x 92cm. Dark wood frame included.(Tempesta I & II, beech frames. Tempesta II (on right), 1.3 metre square. (both sold).L'Incognita ('Unknown Woman') 60cm sq. Sold.(A Prayer for the) Cowgirl, 90cm x 90cm canvas. Sold.Balenata. 60cm x 90cm. Sold.Solare. 60cm x 90cm. Sold.La Ricerca, 34cm x 44cm. Dark brown wood frame includedMondegreen. 51cm x 75cm.Luma. 51cm x 75cm. SoldTenera. 51cm x 75cm. Sold.'Their World', 90cm sq.'Have You Ever', 1.8metre x 1.3 metre, canvas. SOLD.Finestra I: 50cm x 60cm, European linen.Finestre II: 50cm x 60cm, European Linen. Sold.