Tap each photo to see the full work. Please contact Kate if you are interested in one of the larger paintings shown in this gallery. A second gallery contains smaller artworks, and the specially created #artistsupportpledge works made during lockdown periods can be found here.
With larger works, Kate often arranges a private viewing in her London studio. Kate does take on commissioned work from time to time as well, so if a larger work you loved is no longer available please do get in touch about the possibilities. A general FAQ page with more information may be reviewed here.
The Captain and the Pilot, 60cm square.(detail from The Captain..)(detail from The Captain...)(detail from The Captain...)(detail from The Captain)In Another Life, 1.25 metre x 1.25 metre. Sold.TroveroEquilibrio, 50cm x 70cm canvas. Sold.'Equilibrio' (Sold)Heartlines. 60cm square. Sold.Heartlines, 60cm square.  Sold.Trovero. 1.1 metre x 1.1 metre.The Country of In Between (1.8metre x 1.3metre)AAF Battersea 21st edition Spring 2020, solo showcase presented by AfterNyne ContemporaryFour Winds: 50cm x 60cm, European linen.Losing Arethusa, 1.8 metre x 1.3 metre. Sold.(detail from Losing Arethusa. Sold)Finestre II: 50cm x 60cm, European Linen.Finestra I: 50cm x 60cm, European linen.Red + Door (Untitled), 60cm x 90cm, edge frame. Sold.