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This gallery showcases Kate's recent paintings and mixed-media work. To acquire an available work please contact Kate here.
Mintaka. 1.1m x 1.1mdetail from Balenata. 60cm x 90cmBalenata. 60cm x 90cm. Sold.corner detail: Balenata 60cm x 90cmSolare. 60cm x 90cm. Sold.corner detail: Solare 60cm x 90cmWalking Days. Sold.Teorica. 200mm x 3 block sculpture. Sold.Sentiera Azzurro. Sold.La Cartografa. Sold.Rosabella. 20cm sq.Ascoltatore. 1.1m x 1.1m.L'Ilusionista. Block sculptue.CampoPonte. 20cm sq.Adriaditca. 20cm sq.Lavanda Blu. 20cm Sq.Circo Notturno. Sold.Attraverso. 2ocm sq.Arcana. 20cm sq.Collina. 20cm sq. Sold.