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This gallery showcases Kate's recent paintings and mixed-media work. To acquire an available work please contact Kate here.
'Dissimulato' ('The Hidden'), 60cm square. Sold.L'Incognita ('Unknown Woman') 60cm sq.Dissimulato (top, sold); L'Incognita (bottom). 60cm square canvas.L to R: Mondegreen, Luma (Sold), Tenera (Sold).Stella Polare. 40cm sq. Sold.L'Aurora Boreale. 40cm sq. Sold.Detail LumaDetail: MondegreenAvanti: miniature 10cm square, architrave gilded frame. Sold.Mondegreen. 51cm x 75cm.Luma. 51cm x 75cm. SoldL: Mondegreen. R: TeneraTenera. 51cm x 75cm. Sold.Harlequin: 100mm x 3 painted block. Sold.Strade: 100mm x 3 painted block. Sold.Strade (second view; sold)Harlequin 2nd view; sold.