Please click on each photo to see the full work. To enquire about an available work in this gallery please contact Kate. Small works made especially for the #artistsupportpledge initiative can be found in their own gallery here. Have more questions? FAQ page | contact Kate.
La Somma (20cm square, canvas on board) £410février (8 in x 10 in. canvas on board) £520Radio Waves 8 in x 10 in, canvas on board) £520'Glowing In The Dark' 20cm sq. linen £450rapelle moi (8 in x 10 in, canvas on board) £520Rosso Verde Viola (20cm square) £400'Brave' 20cm sq. linen square. £450. Sold.'Albetta', 20cm x 25cm x 3cm. £575 Sold.Pull The Car Over, 20cm sq. canvas on board £440Rêveur (8 in x 10 in, canvas on board) £520'Luce Rosa' (20cm sq). £470 Sold.'Faro Rosso' (20cm sq, framed).£470 Sold'Luce Gialla' (20cm sq, framed) £470 Sold.Therebefore, 26cm x 36cm. SoldBrave (upper), Glow (lower) (£400 each. ''Brave' is sold)'Cadente' (30cm x 40cm) £940(Detail from Navigator, £575 (sold)In The Silence, 20cm sq wood block x 2cm deep. £450Little Rocket, 10cm wood block (sold)La Micca (Sold), Brave (Sold), Glowing In The Dark